Are you interested in fish and fishing? Or maybe you’re not, and you’re just a big seafood-enthusiast. Either way, you’ve come to the right place.

On this list, you’ll find the best fish and seafood restaurants from around the world –so you know where to head on your next vacation!

Zauo, Tokyo, Japan (And New York, USA)

We’re going to start with this one because of how amazing, unique, creative and true to the experience it is.

If you’re visiting the one in the U.S., then it’s a Japanese style fishing restaurant and if you’re in Tokyo, then it’s just a fishing restaurant.

It’s labeled “fishing restaurant” because you literally fish for the food you eat.

This adds a fun experience to your meal and more importantly, gives you some of the freshest sashimi, shrimp, salmon, you name it!

Bangpo Seafood, Koh Samui, Thailand

This is a shack run by a family with tables in the sand. You get deep-fried red snapper and special khoei jii (shrimp paste, crabmeat, coconut, and spices roasted over a fire in a coconut husk.)

Sushi Dai, Tokyo, Japan

Of course, you can’t mention fish and seafood without thinking of Japanese sushi.

Go to this 13-seat spot restaurant to enjoy the freshest toro in Tokyo.

Walrus & the Carpenter, Seattle, USA

This one is mainly an oyster bar where you get pristine shellfish that’s displayed to you on ice in wire baskets presented to you on a gleaming zinc counter.

Cha Ca Thang Long, Hanoi, Vietnam

This place is an Old Quarter canteen where Vietnam’s signature seafood dish shines in its true colors.

They marinate the firm white snakehead fish in galangal, shrimp paste, and turmeric.

After that, they sautee it at your table on top of a charcoal burner and serve it to you with vermicelli noodles, fish sauce, and so much dill.

Lo Scoglio da Tommaso, Amalfi Coast, Italy

From peppery wild arugula salad to sea urchins spaghetti (ricci), anyone sailing from Capri and Positano drops by this place for a handsome lunch.

Hive Beach Cafe, Burton Bradstock, England

This one is a classic holiday spot. You’ll find the offers written on a chalkboard menu behind the counter.

You’ll find fish pies, crab sandwich with chips, and grilled herring.

Pantelis Marathi, Marathi, Greece

Anyone who’s sailing around the area will stop at this tiny car-free isle located between Patmos and Bodrum (Turkey).

And the incredibly fresh food is the reason why. From the creamy local goat cheese to the crawfish sauteed in lemon oil, you won’t be able to resist the food.

La Guerrerense, Ensenada, Mexico

Offering a number of seafood cocktails and ceviches, Sabina Bandera sells prismo clam, sea urchin, octopus, mussels, and much more right from her street stall that’s been standing for 40 years.

You can also ask for some homemade salsas to complete your dish.

Sushi Yasuda, New York City, USA

Sushi again. Of course. While there are many sushi restaurants in New York, this one offers Arctic char, ebi (shrimp), uni (sea urchin), and ikura (salmon roe).

Els Pescadors, Llanca, Spain

You can find Els Pescadors beside the harbor in a tiny Costa Brava town.

Any fisherman there will need a good spinning reel for saltwater fishing to catch you the fresh, tasty food you’ll be served.

That’s why you’ll always get the day’s most delicious catches including prawns, sea bass, turbot, and John Dory.

L’Epuisette, Marseilles, France

L’Epuisette is located in the fishing port of Vallon Des Auffes. There, you’ll find the best Provencal bouillabaisse that tops any of the others.

It’s rich with saffron and garlic and tasted incredibly fresh and right out from the sea.