Anxiety problems are on the increase not in just one or a few countries, but almost everywhere. It has been estimated that in a few years, it will become the highest handicap in the world after blindness. This is enough to show the importance of developing measures to help reduce the issue. Also, anxiety problems are a mental issue, so they need extra care. Being late in treating the anxiety will only build more obstacles, creating a vicious circle which will be more challenging to come out of.
One of the ways of reducing the strength of anxiety is eating right and proper food. Certain natural foods help you overcome fear easily and quickly. So let us see a few of the foods that can bring a change in the lives of those who are dealing with stringent circumstances.
Various natural foods that reduce anxiety

Following is a list of these food types:

• Chamomile tea: Because we are mentioning the natural foods, we include this tea. It’s a natural medicine that works against anxiety. It does so by producing a soothing experience in your body and mind which removes all fear and depression. So if one develops the habit of sipping this tea on feeling anxious, it will relieve you of the stress at least for that time. Furthermore, if one consumes the chamomile tea for a few weeks, he or she can reduce those symptoms to a great extent.

• Turmeric: It is the contents, chemicals or nutrients present in food which work on the body. Turmeric contains certain antioxidants which are called curcuminoids. It is these substances which carry the ability to improve the mood or mental state of a person. It does so because of the neuroprotective quality it possesses. Researches and experiments have shown the relation of turmeric and reduction of anxiety disorders. These have shown that it is a very effective option to reduce significant problems.

• Dark chocolate: Chocolate is something most of us love to eat, so consuming dark chocolates will not be much tough for people. They are readily available also. Again there have been surveys and experiments showing the effects on people. Similarly, CBD products are among the few that help get rid of specific health-related issues and bring wellness. Those are found to be calmer who consumed dark chocolate regularly for some time. Chocolate is like many other foods that taste great, further making you feel good.

• Leafy greens: This one’s another of the foods that help to deal with anxiety. Green leafy vegetables are considered very healthy for the body’s healthy growth and development. This same food also helps patients with mental depression or anxiety. The reason behind this is the presence of magnesium in the green leaves of vegetables. It regulates brain-adrenal axis. Spinach is the best example of these foods which contains high amounts of magnesium. These are good from so many aspects, as green leafy vegetables do not cause a significant rise in wit and also cause no harm. They are incredibly healthy and should be part of our daily food.

• Adaptogenic herbs: This one’s concerned with hormones. Examples of these foods are ashwagandha, holy basil, and Rhodiola. These herbs are suggested by not only doctors but also form a part of home medicines, that are medicines made at home for general care. They affect the brain.
Besides the foods mentioned above, certain other natural foods that come in this category are asparagus, avocados, and rooibos tea. The tea tastes delicious and affects cortisol. Thus it balances the primary stress hormone of the body. Avocados are superfruits containing potassium as well as B vitamins with monounsaturated fats. These lower the blood pressure thus making you feel better. Another one, asparagus is also a rich vegetable that contains Sulphur, folic acid besides B vitamin. These also lower the blood pressure of the body.
Natural foods are always better than their opposites. They are rich in various nutrients which ultimately decrease stress levels in your body. Anxiety is a problem which is on the increase. People are less aware of the disorder or feel hesitated in consulting a doctor or therapist for the same. Efforts are on around the world to bring far better cures for the disease.